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Getting the best results for clients has been our goal since 1991 when we began operations as Collage Communications
in the hilly Manayunk section of Philadelphia.  Working with a diverse group of small and large businesses, associations and nonprofit organizations, athletes and entertainers, and a political campaign or two, we honed our skills as we helped others to succeed. 

As a small firm, Hawkins + Company is positioned to provide outstanding, personalized services to our clients. From the first meeting with a client to the completion of the final deliverable, we offer a winning combination of abilities and experience. Through our divisions: Play Too Sports, Collage Literary, and Parkside45 Strategies, Hawkins + Company provides comprehensive services designed to help our clients achieve their goals.

We translate our philosophy into action by identifying and using the "building blocks" that a project needs. A new company will have different marketing and development needs than an established business looking for growth and expansion, so at Hawkins + Company we use our experience and knowledge to identify and implement the most effective building blocks for each. 

Our clients have been local to the Greater Philadelphia Region and Delaware Valley, in state capitals and Washington, DC and in places like Phoenix, Arizona, Nashville and Memphis, Tennessee, and Orlando and Tampa, Florida. 

It has all been fun - mostly - and hard work - always.  And we aim to keep going, helping ideas to take shape and generating results.  We will strive to find the best building blocks for our clients to get them where they want to go. If you are ambitious and ready, we are as well.  Let us build something with you.

Ideas into Action

Make your ideas happenAn idea is only as good as its execution.  Having a great idea for a product, company, organization or event is only the start.  Without action to take that idea and make it a reality leaves the idea as just an interesting thought.

Using building blocks that take ideas from their concept to implementation is what defines the Hawkins + Company approach.  Taking an idea and making it happen is what we do every day.

Our Philosophy: Building Blocks

Hawkins   Company, Buuilding Blocks for Building BusinessSimply stated, our philosophy is based on the concept of building blocks because an organization or company with strong components is a stronger - and more successful - whole. 

Think about it: You can't put the roof on a house until you have the walls. You can't get to home plate until you've touched the three bases.  You need the competition before the victory; you need the plan before the work.  And you can't get to your goals until you start.  So start here.


Sports Executive Rick Bay has just released his second book, HAVE RESUME - WILL TRAVEL: MY NOMADIC LIFE AS A SPORTS EXECUTIVE.  Rick chronicles his final three sports jobs as athletics director at The University of Minnesota and San Diego State University, and as President of the Cleveland Indians.  (more)

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